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Do you need a new website to promote your business?

Or do you want an existing website improved?

Having a website built needn't cost you hundreds or thousands of pounds. You could get a simple one-page site up and running for under £100 including the domain name purchase and annual hosting. The cost all depends on your budget and your needs. However, once you've made the initial investment the site will then keep on working for you 24 hours a day, month after month. Unlike a newspaper or magazine advert, a web site is fluid, meaning you might choose to add to or alter it over time, or even every day.

For the creation of your website here's what StanfordGraphics offer and take care of:

- The creation of a custom buit website

- The purchase of a professional domain name: eg. www.yourbusiness. .uk .com

- Website hosting. Your website is online and viewable anytime, from anywhere in the world.

- Unique email addresses eg. info@yourbusiness.

- Search engine optimization (SEO) ensuring your site can be easilly found by the major search engines such as Google

- Regular communication throughout the design process

Here are just some of the features you might want on your site:

- Contact form

- Image gallery (example below)

- a blog to make regular postings to your site

- an online method of payment allows you to sell products or services on your site eg. Paypal

- a Facebook feed allowing your posts to Facebook to be displayed on your website.

- Mobilephone version. An easier to read version for small handheld devices.

- Embedded Google map showing your business location

- a link to open the Google Maps app on a smartphone with directions to your business

- Audio Visual elements (embedded audio or video clips, YouTube etc.)

- Custom images and photos: such as logo design, photographs of your product, people, or business premises.

- Inclusion of forms, surveys, quizzes, where the results can be translated into an email to yourself or a  meaningful spreedsheet.

Here's an example of an image gallery with screenshots of some StanfordGraphics websites

(click on image to enlarge)

photo of Mark Stanford

Hello, I'm Mark. I have been involved in visual design and computing for over 20 years. I have Bachelors and Masters Degees in Visual Communication.

When people come to me for a website I take time to listen to their needs and make sure the end result is something they are really happy with. I understand that people may know next to nothing about design and the technical side of things, but I explain and simplify things instead of bamboozling them with tech speak.  

I work to an hourly rate of £30, always keep a time sheet, and charge to the nearest 15 minutes. I keep you up to date on progress and the costings throughout the process.

I work with a professional photographer whose pictures can greatly enhance your site.

For all your design needs please contact me for advice and free quotation. Use the form below or give me a call.

Mark Stanford

Telephone: 07931 741985


Based in Yatton, Bristol, North Somerset, UK

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Michelle Crossman Photography
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Ascension: natural skincare company
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Yoga teachers website
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Scoop&Spice: health food stores

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